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ACTECO SQR473F Introduction|Specifications & Diagram|Chery Auto

ACTECO SQR473F Engine is a self-developed engine with completely independent intellectual property by Chery Automobile, it is designed by Austrian AVL Company (a famous engine R&D institute, see here from Wikipedia: The max power reaches 64kw after the tune-up, the max rpm is wide while it is the max torque, it has pretty good [...]

Chery QQ3 Spec & Price

Chery QQ3 Specifications & Price

Chery QQ3 has become the most popluar mini van in China, you may even see everywhere QQ3 in street in the street, the reason is not only the cost effective price you may get, but also the good performance and rich configurations. Chery QQ3 0.8 MT 1.0 AT 1.1 MT V.1 V.2 V.3 V.1 V.2 [...]

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