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Compared with naive Coolbear, M2 express another life

Haval M2 Review and Road Test – Appearance

●Great Wall Haval M2 Appearance: with the style is affinity for play creed    To be honest, as my age, there is no problem to accept the appearance of Coolbear for most people, but the older people will have different views: the square model is also good, but Coolbear’s front face is too personality, it’s not like [...]

Great Wall Motor Haval M2 - City Play Creed Crossover

Haval M2 Review and Road Test – City Play Creed CROSSOVER

Recently, it seems Great Wall Motor has eyes only for CROSSOVER style, in succession of Haval M1′s launch (in fact, it is equivalent to GWPERI CROSS), FLORID CROSS, a more personalized cross-boundary-style vehicle: Haval M2 is coming to launch, actually you can find the relationship with Coolbear. Let’s take a look at the attractive features [...]

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