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At this point our height of 175cm driver is in normal driving status, but at this moment the back row seat cannot fold down, obviously it is not wide enough

Riich M1 Review and Road Test – Several Design Defect

1, Riich M1‘s dashboard is not convenient to check We don’t know if position of instrument panel design has defect or steering wheel size is too large, there will always some parts which are blocked in normal driving status. To do this, we have made a test, when a 164cm height woman drive sit inside, the lower [...]

Riich M1’s body size are 3601 * 1587 * 1527mm, wheelbase is 2330mm

Chery Riich M1 Review and Road Test – Passenger Space

● Riich M1‘s Headroom is very good, but the wheelbase is too short Riich M1′s body size are 3601 * 1587 * 1527mm, wheelbase is 2330mm. In fact, there is no such parameter of wheelbase dimension in before the former manufacturer’s announcement, later we found this data, in order to confirm it, we specifically took [...]

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