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BYD F0 Review and Road Test – By Auto Chinese

No one is perfect, even a car. But even a total of not more than fifty thousand RMB (around USD 7.5K) entry-level car, we will also ” earnest wish ” it’s perfect. As we talk about BYD F0, it inherited Chery QQ’s lovely appearance, but also not rely on exaggerated shape to attract eyeballs by [...]

Benni Mini's equipped with a 1.0L four-cylinder (note:it’s not a three-cylinder) DOHC engine(code-named C10)

Benni Mini Review and Road Test – Power and Handling

Benni Mini‘s Power: power is lead in the same class, but still need to pay attention to the weakness of low displacement Mini cars generally do not have too many complicated electronic devices equipped with, transmission and suspension are based on relatively simply type of structure, engine can be described as the highest part of [...]

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