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Self-luminous dashboard is very clear and beautiful, the location of tachometer is the finishing touch

BYD F0 Review and Road Test – Interior

BYD F0’s interior design is simple, the overall tone is dark, it would be boring if stay to long in it. From the view of modeling, it still draws in the whole Toyota AYGO design style, and it has also injected some new elements in some parts such as the center console, such as the [...]

All-in-one glass tail trunk is very beautiful, but the whole area is a little small, the big bumper causes a very high opening angle

BYD F0 Review and Road Test – Appearance

BYD F0 is not like F6 which was created by themselves, and typical Toyota genes is once again inhabit. As the Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 107 are not in the domestic market, we think that there is no necessary to compare them each other. At least, BYD F0 has its family characteristics (such as the [...]

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