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Tojoy hatchback review and road test

JAC Tojoy RS(J3 Sport) Hatchback Review and Road Test – A Nice Car for Younger Generation

We have tested Tojoy sedan before, and today we saw Tojoy RS which is hatchback version, we are very concerned what have been changed on Tojoy Hatchback, so this time we have chance to test and review of this model, especially on it’s tail parts. Note: Tojoy sedan model has been experienced by Auto-Chinese in detail, you may find [...]

JAC TOJOY - Centre Console

JAC Tojoy Review and Road Test – a High Cost-effective Car (4)

Interior Trimming – 2 – Actually, the materials of Tojoy‘s very solid, there are no feelings like “light”, “thin”, “soft” at all, the assembly process is also very solid, after the author’s observation, touching and pressing, the entire center console and panels are not as loose as the other domestic cars. It should be said that [...]

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