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JAC VVT Engine Structure

JAC VVT Engine Instruction

* What is VVT Technology? VVT is the short name of Variable Valve Timing, that’s improving power of the engine performance fuel economy by adjust the timing of valve’s closure according to the different working conditions * VVT Engine’s feature: 1. Low fuel consumption , 2 Powerful, 3, environmental protection * JAC J3 VVT engine Feature [...]


JAC J3 EV Revealed On Shanghai Auto Show 2011

The appearance of J3 EV seams the same as J3 (Tojoy), the dimensions are 4155*1650*1445mm, wheel base is 2400mm, J3 EV is developed base on J3 platform, the quality is only 1200kg. The mas speed of J3 EV is 95km/h, it only need 6 seconds from 0 to 50km/h,the cruisingability can reach 150km at 60km/h [...]

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