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Geely LC - Apperance

Geely LC (Panda) Review and Road Test (2) -Appearance

Geely LC (Geely Panda) Appearance As we call it Panda in Chinese, so we bring it to Panda’s favorite place – bamboo forest, Anji bamboo forest is dense with bamboo, bamboo leaves are bright green and pleasant fresh, it’s quite the taste of something like a duck while the“Panda” get into the forest , green [...]

Chery A3

Chery A3 Review and Test Drive (1)

Compared with the shoulder joint sworn rivals – Chery A3 test drive See the Owner’s comment at the following links: Chery A3 Public Praise&User Comment-lternate Name M11 Skin or Tengo Almost all the young brand would experience the product’s deficiency when their business is under seed stage, , but Chery is running fast, in a [...]

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