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What is STT Technology?

STT is an intelligent fuel-saving system developed by BOSCH, it embeds a powerful motor on general engine to enable the engien to stop and start while the engine is idling, the engine will totally stop working while it’s idling, and it will response quickly once it needs to work again, this will save much fuel [...]

CHANA CX30 Specifications

CHANA CX30 Specifications & Price List

CX30 is another compact model from CHANA, engine model is JL475QK from Jiangling motor, it is the same as the engine on Alsivin, the cylinders is from original JL474Q8 model (the China’s version of Suzuki G13B engine which was used on Suzuki Swift), it was updated by German FEV company, max power is 78kW, and [...]

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