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The center of wheel almost connects with beam, springs and other components mounted directly on the beam, that is in fact a whole bridge suspension.

Benni Mini Review and Road Test – Driving and Control

Benni Mini Drive Test: A typical micro-car suspension, nice loaner car Benni MINI adopted front McPherson and rear non-independent axle type coil spring suspension system. The so-called axle type coil spring rear suspension is actually a ratio of non-independent torsion beam suspension a more simple structure, almost the wheel center beam connecting the two wheels [...]

the black piano-like bottom plate material couples with a unique 3D shape of tail light group, the taste is very fine

CHANA Benni Mini Review and Road Test – Appearance

Benni Mini Appearance: more lovable than ever First we take a look at the body Dimensions. Benni MINI‘s L/W/H are 3520mm * 1570mm * 1490mm, all of them are a little bit smaller than Benni. The size is close to BYD F0 or Geely LC It’s really a mini-car.  Benni MINI‘s appearance also uses young and [...]

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