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Benni Mini's equipped with a 1.0L four-cylinder (note:it’s not a three-cylinder) DOHC engine(code-named C10)

Benni Mini Review and Road Test – Power and Handling

Benni Mini‘s Power: power is lead in the same class, but still need to pay attention to the weakness of low displacement Mini cars generally do not have too many complicated electronic devices equipped with, transmission and suspension are based on relatively simply type of structure, engine can be described as the highest part of [...]

Trunk can only be opened through the handle next to driver's seat, the liftgate is the popular glass-style design, large rear lights group bring about a very limit open angle.

Benni Mini Review and Road Test – Space and Comfort

From the view of appearance, Benni Mini could meet most of people, especially young people, However, its interior may not look so spirit, the first time I get inside, I find nothing interesting things, it’s a bit disappointed. Usually things look very ordinary but practical, Benni Mini interior is designed from the practical point. 『Storage [...]

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