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Shape of center console is brief, workmanship is not bad

Chery Cowin (Amulet) 1.6 Review and Road Test(2)

The appearance of this new Chery Cowin is much better than the past one, tail shape is a little dull, although it is hatchback-like design, the appearance is consistent with the traditional people’s definition, and finish quality is also good, metallic luster is obvious, the surface of paint is fine and uniform; the same color bumpers [...]

Chery Cowin High Cost Performance Vehicle

Chery Cowin (Amulet) 1.6 Review and Road Test(1)

It is necessary to come to know ACTECO (What is ACTECO?) engine series before test the Chery Cowin 1.6 (It calls Amulet in Russia), which ACTECO has rich meanings, mainly indicating the technical descent of the engine; the beginning of the letter A refer to AVL company in Austria also means the birthplace is in Anhui [...]

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