JAC Tojoy Review and Road Test – a High Cost-effective Car (3)

Interior Trimming – 1 -

There is not too much gorgeous decoration in Tojoy‘s nterior trimming in order to coordinate with  the overall style, no more virtual design rather than real. Never obsolete “black and white” became the main color of Tojoy‘ s terior trimming. Materials also used non-toxic, environmentally-friendly fire-retardant materials. Symmetrical design is used for the front row, the two arcs as clever as a bracket includes the centre console in the middle, and also distinguishes the position between the main drive and co-pilot.

Tojoy‘s interior trim are all with the non-toxic, tasteless, flame green materials, fully protect health and pleasure environment, gray mixing with white rice creates a fresh and purer interior environment, the whole cockpit is extraordinarily clean in visual, the cow-like style of black steering wheel reflects the strength and spirit, no need to turn on the light by manual for the self-luminous compound dashboard, it will brighten naturally when the light is turning dark,, the style is quite similar with Toyota Camry’s, very beautiful .

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