JAC Tojoy (J3) Review and Road Test – a High Cost-effective Car (1)

Tojoy‘s Chinese name is Tongyue (now named as J3)

Test Place Hefei China Test Time 2010
Weather Sunny Road Condition Comprehensive Condition
Vehicle Provider JAC  Motors Test Driver -
Model JAC Tojoy 1.3L MT Standard Price -
Comments √: independent design, good back row space, workmanship is good at the same level cars.
×:Power is slightly insufficient in the case of full loaded

Background: the A-Class car market’s competition is particularly fierce at the present, with the worldwide energy crisis, manufacturers have also cited the war to the economic energy-saving of the small car market. Tojoy from JAC is right the soldier of them, JAC Tojoy is a Class A independent brands from viewpoint of the positioning, the market have huge potential in this class of models, competition is intensifying. The economical price and good configuration is its biggest selling point by comparing with other models.

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