Great Wall Motor Hover SUV Review and Test Drive – Interior Trim

As a CUV model, it should give us a very heavy feeling, but it just gave us a surprise by the door, it feels obviously loose. But the welcoming foot pedal just brings up a small regret of the door after pulling the door. The polish pedal coupled with the Great Wall Logo looks really superior.

Hover SUV (X240) Welcoming Foot Pedal

Hover SUV (X240) - Door is a little too loose

While I just want to get on the car, I just find that there is no auxiliary pedal for such a tall vehicle, it really made me brake out in a sweat, so that I configured special new tool on the vehicle. Although there are so little exaggeration, it’s really a little hard to get on and off. If this was my car, I really intend to spend 20 dollars to weld pedal. Here, we sincerely hope that Great Wall Motor take improvement as soon as possible.

Hover SUV (X240) - There is no auxiliary pedal for passenger to get on the car

The door trim panels is stylish, material is good with plastic and leather, we don’t find any burrs, and the application of leather improves the grade of sense and feeling, but the grade of leather used in the car is a little low, it feels lacking of toughness.

Hover (X240) Door trim panel material is a little soft

Although the style of the window control button four is moderate, it may be dusty in the grooves after long time use.

Hover SUV (X240) Center control lock

Now the car with central locking button is nothing the news, but the news is that the central locking button actually appears on the copilot’s door, which it is not common in other models. a “child lock” is configured on the rear door, it can not open inside the car after lock on.

Hover SUV (X240) Central lock button actually appears on the copilot's door
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