Geely LC (Panda) Review and Road Test (5)

Geely Panda Road Test

Geely LC 5-speed MT model gave a good impression when we test drive the manual version last yea, gears are relatively smooth, , there is a great progress to compared to Geely’s earlier models, we naturally take high expectations to test this automatic model. This four-speed transmission is satisfactory to achieve the current level of mainstream automatic transmission in actual driving , it is more suitable for moderate driving habits.

All series of LC are now equipped with Geely AT 1.3L naturally aspirated engine, maximum power is up to 63kw, maximum torque is 110Nm, from the data we may see Geely LC is in a mainstream level. 4-speed gearbox, divided into linear arrangement of P, R, N, D, 2.L six gear positions, the performance is satisfactory as the only independent brand research and development of gearbox. Straight road in the city, tap D feels easygoing and gentle, shifting is smooth and is not easy to detect, acceleration is so natural and smooth, the speed will gradually slow down while you release the accel during deceleration, the whole process is stationary and easy to control, it quite meets women’s gentle driving style. However, when we kickdown and try to accelerate to overtake, the transmission’s response is not sensitive enough, it always has a little delay then the speed increase, people often miss the best overtaking opportunity.

In mountain climbing sections, three adults are sitting in our car, acceleration will be slow when we use the general gear D, but when we change to 2nd gear, the engine rotation significantly improved to strengthen a better power and feel not difficult to push almost the full loaded car, acceleration faster than gear D, engine quite matches with transmission . gear L will be used only in the condition of steep slope, then the engine “sound” significantly increases, power output also increases, and feels that there is plenty of power which pushes the body forward, but gear L can not reach a high speed, we then need to return for gear 2 or D.

In descending section, we were using the 2nd gear all the time, neither  stepping on the gas nor braking, speed remains at about 40 kilometers, transmission system can be well used engine’s braking function, no need to step on brake in long time in descending section to prevent the brake system overheating and reduce the braking performance, while Geely LC‘s suspension system can inhibit the body roll, brake and acceleration will not obviously shake speed when the speed is less than 50km / h, the steering wheel at this time is accurate, it doesn’t have too much empty space, only need to control the steering wheel. Downhill sections also become leisure by selecting a appropriate line.

After this test drive, Geely LC AT give us the feeling of easy and free control-opeartion, moderate and smooth power output, small size of the body can be a queue of vehicles freely going through in the city, east parking, it is really a good transport instead of walk. of course the small 1.3L displacement engine can not bring a strong power performance, four-speed automatic transmission was not the choice of sporty style, in contrast, Geely LC AT is a suitable fashion choice of urban white-collar ladies.

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