Geely LC (Panda) Review and Road Test (2) -Appearance

Geely LC (Geely Panda) Appearance

As we call it Panda in Chinese, so we bring it to Panda’s favorite place – bamboo forest, Anji bamboo forest is dense with bamboo, bamboo leaves are bright green and pleasant fresh, it’s quite the taste of something like a duck while the“Panda” get into the forest , green leaves with a little red highlights Geely LC’s dynamic side, round body goes through in the bamboo forest, it is so casual comfortable.

From the body size of view, Geely LC is bigger than the same level of other models in both length and width, it’s 138mm longer than BYD F0 to compared with it, and 12mm wider in width, 48mm longer than Chery QQ, 135mm wider in width. The wider wheelbase will help to improve the turning performance, the advantage of body size is easy to bring the advantages of interior space, interior space of Geely LC is bigger than you can imagine, the trunk is not only for decorative but also more practical.

Item Geely LC 1.3L AT Item Geely LC 1.3L AT
Engine Type L4 / DOHC / 16v Length 3598 mm
Displacement 1390 cc Width 1630 mm
Max hp 63 kw/ 6000  rpm Height 1465 mm
Max Torque 110 Nm / 5200 rpm Wheelbase 2340 mm
Gearbox 4-speed AT Tire Dimension 165/ 60 R14
Drive mode Front-engine Front-drive suspension MacPherson front / torsion beam
Brake system front disc/rear drum Seating Capacity 5 persons
Price -

Round headlamps were wrapped by the triangle black side, it’s just like a panda’s black eyes, and all lights inside are sparkling, the lovely shape reminds you to imagine a naïve-look panda once you see it in the first time. The huge front face inlet shape looks like the panda’s big mouth. Integrates with the style of headlamps, as if Geely LC is smiling to you . Geely new brand Global Hawk’s LOGO is as striking as the LC’s nose. the line of a prominent along under the bumper outlines a smiling panda’s shape, it has a “small dimple” on smiley face while you see the two small round fog lamps.

In appearance workmanship, if you take a obviously look, then you will find Geely’s really put hard work on it. Although there are some untidy slit, but the interface between the various parts, especially plastic parts workmanship has made noticeable progress.

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