Chery Tiggo 3 Model 2009 Review and Test Drive (4)

Tiggo 3 Model 2009 Power system – Enough for regular use, no more surprises

I also remember in 2005 when I test drive Tiggo with a roaring “ferocious growl” of Mitsubishi engine, things have changed, Tiggo as early as 2006 already equipped with a self-developed ACTECO 1.6L engine, and gradually to ACTECO 2.0L, ACTECO 1.8 L engines were replaced by the Mitsubishi 4G64, 4G63 engine, to achieve the core components of autonomy, so the price advantage is more evident. When we talking about ACTECO 1.6L engine, which uses 16V, double overhead camshaft and aluminum cylinder designed for power and economy of performance laid the foundation, and 80 kw / 5800rpm, 147 Nm / 4300 ~ 4500 rpm output data is also nice.

Actual operation, this engine at idle stage vibration and noise slightly, but not too much impact on the car. Start with the idle flat, slightly twisted sense of low enough to need the appropriate oil, speed will raised to 1500rpm, the body will slide forward more smoothly. Normal driving, the engine at 2000rpm has provided a good sense of speed, until 3000rpm before the engine run smoother performance, noise is not large, however, when the speed exceeds 3000rpm, noise significantly improved, although the power comes more strongly, but it will more or less affect people’s confidence on oiling, but most people when normal driving shift at 3000rpm, will not affect too. We have been in the testing process will be pushed to a higher engine 5000rpm, the engine at high rpm noise and vibration have become more intense, and how much power is not much stronger, so we feel this engine is not outstanding high transfer capacity.

We use instruments to test on acceleration, Tiggo 1.6L’s power is mediocre, but the good news is that we have another two choice: 1.8L and 2.0L engine to meet the higher demand for power.

From the above chart we can see the speed curve, when we shift to the 3rd tap, it will break out 100, a certain loss of momentum shift. When we observe the acceleration curve, acceleration fluctuation is a little wide on the 1st tap ,power output is not smooth. In the peak torque speed, the power output has been fading. number of teeth is big, Gear ratio between2nd and 3rd have not a big difference, dynamic convergence is more smooth. Overall, however, acceleration is not large, the outbreak of the engine is also general.

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