Chery Riich M1 Review and Road Test – Passenger Space

Riich M1‘s Headroom is very good, but the wheelbase is too short

Riich M1’s body size are 3601 * 1587 * 1527mm, wheelbase is 2330mmRiich M1′s body size are 3601 * 1587 * 1527mm, wheelbase is 2330mm. In fact, there is no such parameter of wheelbase dimension in before the former manufacturer’s announcement, later we found this data, in order to confirm it, we specifically took a measurement of the dimension, the result proves that is indeed 2330mm, Riich M1‘s wheelbase is even 1cm shorter than QQ3.

Riich M1’s body is high, front headroom is very good, our experience person’s height is 178cm

Because of smaller body size, so we don’t cherish hope in it’s internal space. However, Riich M1 continues QQ3′s advantage that it has very good headroom, especially in the front headroom, even a tall man with height of 190cm won’t worry about headroom. However, when our guy with the height of 178cm come to back row, the legroom had almost no margin. 

Riich M1’s wheelbase is 1cm less than QQ3, back row space is as same as QQ3

Two-tone seats’ color assortment is not bad, fabric material and workmanship are good, weak point is there is not encapsulated well, and there is no adjustment function in both upper and lower level. Riich M1′s high sitting position and very good front head room is adaptable for driving, that is, most people no matter gender can easily drive, probably this is the reason that the height adjustment function is not designed for Riich M1‘s seat.

Visual effects of two-tone seats’ color assortment is nice, textile fabrics and workmanship feels good, the whole system have no seat height adjustment functionRear seat design is very cartoon, headrest is as toy’s two ears, backrest and cushion are very straight

[Riich M1's rear seat design is very cartoon, headrest is as toy's two ears, backrest and cushion are very straight]

The whole back seats are in one-piece, so the cartoon effect is more obvious, the two headrests just like two round ears with a honest style.

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