Chery Riich G5 Review and Road Test – Power Performance

Riich G5‘s 2.0T Engine Introduction:

Chery's first turbocharged engine

The reason why Riich G5 shows the highest skill of Chery, a major reason is for its power system. The first launch model has only 2.0T ACTECO (What is ACTECO?) engine– This is Chery’s first turbocharged engine. According to information, G5 will launch the naturally aspirated of 2.0VVT and 1.8VVT, turbo 1.8T in succession, and one with also 2.0T, but spend direct injection technology, maximum horsepower will be up to 195ps of TGDI version.

Turbocharged 2.0T

Let’s take a look at the first one 2.0T. Its maximum power is 125kw/5500rpm, peak torque is 235Nm/1900rpm.The output performance of this engine is not outstanding when we see from the data, because the Volkswagen 2.0TSI may output 147kw, the new Buick 2.0T is more than 162kw.

Well, the output figures can not explain anything, the actual driving experience is most important. G5 2.0T initially listed only a 6-speed manual transmission, start in early 2010 to provide 5-speed automatic transmission, which is said to be the technology from Mitsubishi.

Actual Power Performance:

Riich G5 Chassis

Though G5‘s power had gotten a good performance at the Nurburgring track, we did not hold high expectations about G5’s 2.0T engine before hit the road, one reason is that its output figures are not prominent, Second, we note from the specification sheet, G5‘s weight also reaches 1566kg.

Our test drive car is a manual transmission version, Gently feed the oil, it could easily get started in 2000rpm; it also need only keep around 2000rpm in slow speed, then there is enough power to speed up. Although the factory provides peak torque transfer position in 1900rpm, in the actual driving, we could begin to feel the change in the 2500rpm about the turbo intervention, then push back force will be stronger, accelerator response is more direct, it can be continued up to 5000rpm.

I saw some articles that describes how exciting G5 2.0T turbo power it is, but I think it is exaggerated, in fact, G5 2.0T turbo power characteristics are relatively flat, power force output can be continued from 2500 until 5000rpm, power is continuous and uniform. As a whole, power is really energetic, but in my opinion it is exciting. However, the flat output characteristics, for the daily driver is more easy to use and control, G5 indeed is a very good “temper” car.
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