Chery Rely X5 Review & Road Test – Appearance (1)

● Tough with Slightly Stiff

It’s some kind of feeling as a “monster” at the first glance on Rely X5, and absolutely it is simple and rough! Visual effects are enough to force it! The size is 4697mm × 1878mm × 1836mm, wheelbase is 2725mm, the difference from the original Chery Tiggo 3 is that Rely X5 is not a gentle style, replacing by a mechanical hard lines, it looks very “tough guy “!

Chery Rely X5 
Chery Rely X5

Although many China’s independent car brand are more or less with “copycat” style , it is clear that the shape of Rely X5 reflects its original style; but it is really a pity that the shape desgin seems to have slipped back by comparing with other Chery models, the overall shape is slightly stiff, rigid, and some details are still rather far-fetched and even design. Keep punching … …

The strong bumper can provide more protection while off-road, unfortunately the car is not equipped with protective cover under the engine. Irregular headlamps are matched very well with the ferocious shape, and the relative position of the headlights and fog lights high is not easy to stain by rolling up muddy water, an increase of traffic safety. Details in appearance, especially sheet metal on there is still a room for improvement.

Chery Rely X5

Chery Rely X5

 Rely X5 side view gives a superior feel, the design must have a short front overhang but also to maintain the excellent passing ability, the smallest (full) 186mm of ground clearance so that the user adoption of the Rely X5 still has confidence in the performance. Side of the pedal body to facilitate passengers to get on and off, but do think if the pedal for metal materials, visual effects seem to be better. Rely X5 wheels styling is very plain, but with the Maxxis tires, 750 series of off-road tires, size 245/70R16 107H, consistent with model’s own market position.

Chery Rely X5
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