Chery Cowin (Amulet) 1.6 Review and Road Test(1)

It is necessary to come to know ACTECO (What is ACTECO?) engine series before test the Chery Cowin 1.6 (It calls Amulet in Russia), which ACTECO has rich meanings, mainly indicating the technical descent of the engine; the beginning of the letter A refer to AVL company in Austria also means the birthplace is in Anhui (China); second letter C means China or Chery; last two letters CO are the words “cooperation” of the abbreviation. One of the major components are from Germany CROSS HULLER general contracting company, and uses a lot of the relatively advanced technology; such as the use of agile manufacturing lines; process on rigid drilling, rigid tapping, high-speed CBN tools, high-speed diamond cutter , Plateau Honing and so on.

Chery Cowin High Cost Performance Vehicle

Chery SQR480 engine on Cowin 1.6L - ACTECO in the low-end mode
『Chery SQR480 engine on Cowin 1.6L – ACTECO in the low-end model』

ACTECO engine is divided into ACTECO-G (gasoline) and ACTECO-D (Diesel) two series, and is divided into G1 (displacement fro 1.6L to 4.0L), G2 (from 0.8L -1.3L) and D1 (from 1.3L -2.9L), D2 (under 1.0L) according to the capacity of its displacement, the series is complete, structured, it can support Chery’s large product development plans.

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