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Zotye Nomad

Zotye Nomand SUV Review | Rear View

The tail part design of Zotye Nomad seems to have met before, it always reminds of the popular City SUV, especial the tail lights group just like the old model CR-V design, the heavy & obvious bumper is consistent with the front one, feels that an all-round protection is built up The tail light design just [...]

Side pedal is really full of “off-road” feeling. Convenient and practical

Zotye Nomand SUV Review | Appearance

Prominent front bumper accounted for almost half of the area on head face of Zotye Nomad The sharp headlights and independent fog lamps Boneless Wiper is used on Zotye NOMAD! Special external antenna design! The length of Zotye NOMAD is only 3.9m, so it seems a little “compact” in side view, anyway the simple & [...]

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