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LIFAN 320 Heand Face

LIFAN 320 Review|NOT Just Copycat of MINI

The flat vehicle body, Vertical C-pillar, smoked A and B-pillar, someone do have to remember MINI…, well this is not MINI, it’s an Chinese independent brand Lifan 320, although many people put “a copycat of MINI” on Lifan 320, it doesn’t matter, it do have its own features, and it’s not that too much similarity [...]

Similar to Toyota RAV4? - X60

LIFAN X60 SUV Review|Interior Trimming

Interior Trimming of X60: although some of copycat parts, workmanship is desirable While you get inside Lifan X60, you will definitely see that the style is similar to Toyota RAV4 The width of the steering wheel is just appropriate, the height of head light is adjustable, except this it’s a surprise that an auto ON/OFF [...]

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