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Riich M1’s body size are 3601 * 1587 * 1527mm, wheelbase is 2330mm

Chery Riich M1 Review and Road Test – Passenger Space

● Riich M1‘s Headroom is very good, but the wheelbase is too short Riich M1′s body size are 3601 * 1587 * 1527mm, wheelbase is 2330mm. In fact, there is no such parameter of wheelbase dimension in before the former manufacturer’s announcement, later we found this data, in order to confirm it, we specifically took [...]

We all came like this cartoon shape air-conditioner panel, in addition, functions are simple and intuitive, easy to use.

Chery Riich M1 Review and road Test – Interior Design

● Riich M1‘s interior design and workmanship is satisfactory Riich M1‘s interior design continues using the cartoon style as appearance, there is almost no straight line, there are all kinds of arcs between the basic shapes. The control panel is oval, the texture and workmanship of silver panel materials are pretty good, the table materials [...]

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