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ACTECO SQR473F Introduction|Specifications & Diagram|Chery Auto

ACTECO SQR473F Engine is a self-developed engine with completely independent intellectual property by Chery Automobile, it is designed by Austrian AVL Company (a famous engine R&D institute, see here from Wikipedia: The max power reaches 64kw after the tune-up, the max rpm is wide while it is the max torque, it has pretty good [...]

Chery A3 2010 Model 1.6VVT ACTECO SQRE4G16 Engine

What is ACTECO – Chery ACTECO Engine Instruction

* What’s the meaning of Chery Acteco? Austria AVL and China Chery’s Technology Corporation; ACT on fuel Economy and Ecological environment; There are rich signification on ACTECO, totally 3 kinds of meaning: The first layer of meaning is the mark of the engine technology lineage. At the beginning of the letter A refer to Austria [...]

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