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Front grille of F3DM Low Carbon model is honeycomb style, the middle of the BYD mark and the "DM" logo are giving off Blue light

BYD F3DM Low Carbon Model Review and Road Test (2)

BYD F3DM low-carbon model’s appearance is still based on BYD F3, so there is little change on body shape, there is only one more solar panel on roof by comparing with F3DM which was listed on 2008, there are very clear dual-mode electric mark on its front and rear part of this low-carbon model, we [...]

F3DM Low Carbon Dual Mode EV

BYD F3DM Low Carbon Model Review and Road Test (1)

As the development of new energy industries to become the focus of discussion in recent years, more and more companies have been focusing on low-carbon economy. So BYD as a domestic leader in new energy vehicles, F3DM has recently launched its low-carbon model to individual users. Let us take a look at BYD F3DM Low-carbon [...]

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