Pajero Sport Front & Tail Bumper Modification Installation

The follow are all modification parts made for Pajero Sport bumper:


Front bumper main part: 5*48 seamless tube
Front bumper “U” part: 5*38 seamless tube
Front bumper adapter plate:  10mm steal plate laser cut
Tail Bumper main part: 4*60 seamless tube
Tail Bumper other part:  3*34 seamless tube


Front Bumper: 18kg

Tail Bumper: 18Kg

Pajero Sport-bumper-1

Install the adapter part of Front Bumper:

The hole position of front crossbeam is not enough to install the new bumper, so the other 2 holes are needed to be made.

Use 4 screws to fix the adapter parts onto the front crossbeam:

Load back the silver plate:

Finish installation of Front Bumper:


Install the tail bumper:

It uses original holes for installing the tail bumper, no need to make new holes:

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