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Geely King Kong Review and Road Test

Geely MK Review and Road Test

When we heard the name King Kong (Geely MK) the first time, many people will think of the recent release movie “King Kong”, both of which released almost at the same time, there are many appeals to the imagination, gorillas, King Kong is lovable, and has been becoming famous, with a total re-think the name will [...]

Geely Panda Crash Test

Geely Panda Crash Test Awarded 5-Star in CNCAP – Equal to Yaris

From Geely News:Geely LC awarded 5-Star in CNCAP Test  See the Video here: Geely Panda Crash Test Video News from CNCAP Tianjin China, Geely LC won 5-star in the CNCAP compact test with a result of 45.3. This is a great breakthrough for the A00 class in compact test, which is not only an objective [...]

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