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Pajero Sport Transfer Case Guard Plate Modification Installation

This is the modification part for Pajero Sport guard plate (fender plate). It uses 3mm thickness Stainless Steel, it is made by laser cut. Just follow the  original hole position on the vehicle to install it, see the photos below:

Pajero Sport Front & Tail Bumper Modification Installation

The follow are all modification parts made for Pajero Sport bumper:


Front bumper main part: 5*48 seamless tube
Front bumper “U” part: 5*38 seamless tube
Front bumper adapter plate:  10mm steal plate laser cut
Tail Bumper main part: 4*60 seamless tube
Tail Bumper other part:  3*34 seamless tube


Front Bumper: 18kg

Tail Bumper: 18Kg

Pajero Sport-bumper-1

Install the adapter part of Front Bumper:

The hole position of front crossbeam is not enough to install the new bumper, so the other 2 holes are needed to be made.

Use 4 screws to fix the adapter parts onto the front crossbeam:

Load back the silver plate:

Finish installation of Front Bumper:


Install the tail bumper:

It uses original holes for installing the tail bumper, no need to make new holes:

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